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Uwharrie Off Road Vehicle Trails
Located off Forest Road 576, the ORV system offers a variety of topography and scenery.† All trails are designated for all ORVís except a small portion of the Dickey Bell trail located west of SR 6584, which is suitable only for use by ATVís or motorcycles.† Stay on the trail system to help prevent soil erosion and creek sedimentation.† Forest roads can be used as trail connectors, but only if the vehicle in operation is STREET LEGAL, meaning full licensing and registration.† Persons violating these regulations will be fined according to the law.† The Daniel Trail is EXTREMELY DIFICULT, and only experienced, highly skilled operators should attempt this trail.

ORV Trail Fees

Uwharrie Trail / Dutchmanís Creek Trail
The Uwharrie Trail at the NC 24/27 parking lot, located approximately 9 miles west of Troy.† The trail runs north for 20.5 miles to SR 1306, crossing SR 1146, Highway 109 and SR 1134.† The Dutchmanís Creek Trail also starts at the NC 24/27 trailhead, and runs north for 9.5 miles, intersecting the Uwharrie Trail to form a figure eight.† Camping is allowed anywhere along the trails except for trailheads, wildlife fields, or within 200 feet of the trail or creeks.† There are three camping areas along the trail system: Wood Run Camp, Yates Place Camp, and West Morris Mountain Camp.† Both the Uwharrie and Dutchmanís Creek trails are rated as more difficult.

Densonís Creek Nature Trail
The Densonís Creek Nature Trail is an interpretive trail located behind the District Ranger Office, 2 miles east of Troy on NC 24/27.† The trail includes two loops: a short loop of 1 mile and a long loop of 2.2 miles that circles around Densonís Creek.† The long loop has numbered posts denoting points of interest, with a trail key available at the District Ranger Office.

Badin Lake Trail
Located adjacent to the Cove Boat Ramp and Picnic Area, the Badin Lake Trail is comprised of a 5.6 mile long loop and a 2.5 mile short loop, both of which skirt the shoreline of Badin Lake.† Follow the signs from NC 109 north to the Badin Lake recreation area, then follow the signs to Cove Boat Ramp at the end of Forest Road 597B.† The long loop passes through Arrowhead Campground, Badin Lake Campground, Kings Mountain Point, and can be accessed from the Badin Lake Group Camp via connector trail.† Both loops are rated as easy.

Wood Run Mountain Bike Trail System
Located 10 miles west of Troy on NC 24/27, the Wood Run Mountain Bike Trail system is composed of the 7.7 mile Supertree Loop, the 8.9 mile Keyauwee Loop, with Wood Run Road leading from the trailhead to the beginning of the trails.† The trails consist of single track, old logging roads, and constructed trail.† Supertree is rated easy, while Keyauwee is rated more difficult.†

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