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New York City 47th Street has always been the biggest jewelry manufacturing and wholesale center of the world. Most of the companies most beautiful jewels and larger companies have offices here on 47th Street. Buyers from all over the world come here to get the best prices and the latest trends in fashion jewelry. Finejewelers in 1995 initiated a project to make 47th Street to the public via the Internet. Finejewelers opened their offices in the heart of the diamond district and has contacted some of the most reputable jewelry manufacturers in the world to present to the public one of the largest selections of jewelry anywhere. Being a part of their consortium jewelry manufacturers go through a rigorous selection process at their table. They must be well established in the jewelry community, has an impeccable reputation, conduct their business with integrity, good stream of exceptional quality and the public with a saving of 50% or more below retail. Honesty, integrity, experience, selection and value is what Finejewelers offer its customers. From $ 20 to $ 41,000.00. They offer quality jewelry at wholesale prices. I’m back with their lifetime warranty and unconditional 30 days money back guarantee on all purchases. Together with their collection of jewelry, they also offer "47th Street" prices on their inventory of certified diamonds. Jewelers around the world shop here for diamonds, and they think their customers should be able to as well! The more, all with first class customer service. Call (888) 470-fine for competent and honest answers to all your questions. They hope you will join their family of satisfied customers. They boast of having most of their business with repeat customers and referrals. Please register with them for the discount coupon of 10% and the shopping experience with them today. Your satisfaction is their top priority.

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