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Twisted Stalk
Streptopus roseus
Lily Family (Liliaceae)

Twisted Stalk

Blooms April - June

Derived from the Greek streptos meaning twisted, and pous meaning foot or stalk, this member of the Lily family has a main stem that grows in a zig-zag fashion, forking to produce several branches which bear bell shaped flowers colored pink to rose. A similar species, Streptopus amplexifolius, or White Mandarin, displays white to rose colored flowers, and although rare, it can be located in Swain and Yancey Counties. Another distinguishing feature of S. amplexifolius is the lack of trichomes, or hairs, at the edges of the leaves.

This is a more northern species and is only found in a few locations in the mountains, principally at higher elevations. Both species reside in moist habitats where the soil is rich in nutrients. Blooming time begins in late April and continues through early June. Red berries, ellipsoid in shape, are mature from late July to September.

Range Map
NC Range of Twisted Stalk