Guide to Coastal North Carolina
Saltwater Fishing

Now, we're not going to claim to know everything about fishing North Carolina, because there are sure some folks out there that know a lot more about it than us. But, if you're thinking about heading to the beaches and want to try some fishing, we can at least give you an idea of what you might find.

There are plenty of links on this page to point you to sources of more in-depth info to help you plan and it's always a good idea to check with the local tackle shops and boats to see what's been hot.

Fishing Rods
Features Useful Info
Primary Game and Food Fish of the Sounds, Inlets and near shore area
An overview of some of the common and popular species found throughout our region.
Books On NC Fishing
Some of the best printed resources on Fishing NC.

NCNatural Weather

North Carolina Surface Water Temperatures

NC Marine Fisheries Size and Catch Limits for recreational fishing 0 - 3 miles offshore

Fisheries Management and Environmental Issues Fishing Reports

To help you be informed about the issues affecting our marine fisheries use these links to study all sides of the matter.


NC Dept. of Marine Fisheries
This Div. of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission is the overseer of our Fisheries and sets limits and policy. Their website is an excellent resource for general information on our fish as well as info pertaining to Commercial and Recreational fishing.

Coastal Conservation Association
A conservation advocacy and lobby that supports controls to maintain our fish stocks. There is also a Coastal Conservation Assoc.-Triangle Group online.

NC Fisheries Association
A fishing industry group and lobby concerned with maintaining the fishing industry in NC.

Conservation Message Boards

Mojo’s Conservation Corner
Message board mostly for North Carolina.

Green Grouper’s Conservation Board
Message board for saltwater fishing issues in all states.

There's really no way to tell how the fishing is going to be until you get there, but having the most up-to-date info possible sure helps. These reports come right from the beach.


Saltwater Fishing’s NC Report
Reports for the coast with a lot of offshore reports.
NC Onshore And Inshore’s Report
Reports mostly from the surf and piers.


Northern Beaches
Outer Banks Fishing Homepage’s
Current fishing reports for the northern beaches and submitted reports at the bottom for all areas.
George’s Outer Banks Report
Daily fishing reports that cover all areas of the Outer Banks.
T.I.'s Tackle Shop Report
Fishing reports for Nags Head.
Pirate’s Cove Offshore Report
Daily reports for the offshore fishing at Oregon Inlet. (Weekly reports during the winter.)
Hatteras Island
Frank And Fran’s Tackle Shop Report
Daily reports for the surf, pier and offshore fishing on Hatteras Island.
Frisco Rod And Gun Report
Fishing reports that cover Avon to Hatteras Inlet.
Tradewind’s Tackle Shop Report
Fishing reports for Ocracoke Island.


The Salt-O-Holic Board - Outer Banks fishing message board for the northern beaches.
The Mojo Wire - Another Outer Banks fishing message board, a good place to go for information about drum fishing on the point at Buxton.
The Red Drum Board - A popular fishing message board from the Red Drum Tackle Shop for the point and beaches around Buxton.
General NC Fishing Links
Wades NC Coastal Fishing Page
Links to weather data, reports, charter boats and much more. This page is a great resource to help you plan an NC fishing adventure.

Although there is excellent fishing along most of our coast and in the Sounds, catches of some species have fallen off in recent years due to over-fishing. Fisheries management issues generate a lot of debate. To help preserve our resources for the future, the NC Dept. of Marine Fisheries has established limits on some species. These regulations change fairly frequently and some fishing seasons are managed according to a quota system which cuts off the season when the Total Allowable Catch (TOC) is reached. Please inform yourself of the seasons and regulations that affect different species and use care in releasing fish that aren't allowed or that you don't want.

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