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Ah yes. Spring is here and there's no better place to be than in North Carolina... naturally! Better make sure to put some sunscreen on.

In the spring we celebrate the resumption of activity in the plant world and start making all those plans for the summer. With that in mind...

NCNatural Articles:
NCNatural Resources
  • Spring Wildflowers -
    This will tell you what to expect of spring in the southern mountains.
  • William Bartram -
    Our profile of the first American-born Botanist/Naturalist, with a focus on his North Carolina mountain trip.
  • Obnoxious Plants -
    One thing you'll want to identify (and stay away from) is Poison Ivy. It's found throughout the state and the best remedy for it is to stay away from it.
  • Triangle Area Recreation -
    Since a large chunk of the population of NC lives around the major metro areas, we've pulled together some info for those who want a quick shot of nature in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area without travelling more than an hour.

  • NCNatural Selections
    The ultimate resource for books and reference materials for North Carolina.

  • North Carolina Weather -
    More than just the forcast. We've got links to maritime conditions, surf reports, river levels and a lot more.

  • Event Calendars -
    It's certainly not too early to start planning your next NC adventure. Here are the links to whats happening throughout the state.

  • Music and Festivals -
    Spring comes in with music in the air. Get the updates.

  • Travel Resources-
    We've got a lot of resources for helping you plan your next NC getaway, whether it's to the beach, the mountains or anywhere in-between.
NCNatural Major Sections:
  • Blue Ridge Parkway -
    The definitive guide to the Parkway.
  • Wildflowers of North Carolina -
    Profiles of many of the showiest of NC's flowering plants.
  • North Carolina's National Forests -
    Our guide to the best areas for outdoor recreation in the National Forests- the Pisgah, Nantahala, Uwharrie and Croatan National Forests.
  • Coastal Carolina -
    Our coverage focuses on the nature of the barrier islands and includes coastal and barrier island dynamics, significant natural areas of our coast, barrier island plants and wildflowers, and more. Get your soul tuned into the turning of the tides.

Misc. May Stuff
May around North Carolina
Full Moon
Last Quarter
New Moon
First Quarter

May Gardening
Average last frost date (map)
Vegetable Planting Guide*
Beans (Snap & Pole) 4/15-7/1 Beans (bush lima) 5/1-7/1
Beans (pole lima) 5/1-6/15
Beets 5/1-6/15
Cantaloupe 4/20-6/1 Corn (sweet) 4/15-6/1
Cucumbers 4/20-5/15 Eggplant (plants) 5/1-5/31
Okra 5/1-5/31
Peas (southern) 5/1-7/1
Peppers (plants) 5/1-5/31 Pumpkins 4/15-6/15
Squash (summer & winter) 4/15-5/15 Sweetpotatoes 5/15-6/15
Tomatoes (plants) 4/20-7/15 Watermelons 4/15-6/1

*Dates shown are for the upper coastal plain and lower piedmont. In western North Carolina delay planting 10 to 20 days in spring. In eastern North Carolina plant 7 to 14 days earlier in the spring and 7 to 10 days later in the fall. (From NC Cooperative Extension Guidelines)


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