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Bookcloseouts is one of the largest retailers in North America Books. Bargain books are new books, not read the publisher sells-off in volume to reduce excess inventory. Sometimes the publisher printed too many copies, in other cases, bookstores purchased too many copies and have them returned to the publisher for credit. The books were then treated several times but still in excellent condition. In any case, the publisher may place a mark on the edge of the book to identify it as a trading portfolio. This ensures that the book was never returned to the publisher for credit. In most cases, the brand is a line or a point, but sometimes it’s great. Product with excessive marking is not sold through our site.

Most of the retailers listed in the “coupon pages” posted on the site support NCNATURAL, if you end up buying something AFTER clicking on a link, somthing like a “referral fee”. For example, if you click on any offer link listed in this page and then buy something, Bookcloseouts will contribute a small amount (and most likely that you’ll get it cheaper). We figured that this is a good way to keep the site free from advertising and at the same time, saving you some money. We make our best to update it on an almost daily basis. Please send your feedback to [email protected]

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