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Storytelling is a special art. Unlike written literature, it is dynamic, changing with the weather and the audience, yet it has an amazing integrity about it. From Cherokee creation mythology, through spirits of the lost Roanoke colonists, pirates, Jack tales, murder and ghost stories, from every kind of human experience to tales of the fantastic, North Carolina offers many opportunities to experience the special sharing and joining that unites the tellers and the told. Though Jonesborough, Tennessee holds the title as the "epicenter of storytelling", for hosting the National Storytelling Festival each October, the percentage of North Carolina stories told at the festival shows clearly the richness and vitality of the Tar Heel State's oral traditions.

We can't give you the full experience created by a master teller's conjuring, but we can try to awaken you to the idea of listening and seeking out the tellers. Here then is a sampling of storytelling resources for North Carolina. If you know of others, please let us know and we will be happy to add them to our pages.

Ray Hicks
Ray Hicks
Master Storyteller & NC Folk Heritage Artist

passed away in April 2003

Storytelling Resources NC Storytellers

North Carolina Storytelling Guild.
You'll find a listing of NC Tellers and links to their sites as well as other current info about NC storytelling.

Herodotus and the North Carolina Oral Narrative Tradition Philip Stadter (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Something of a comparison, but is actually a good primer on traditional NC tales.

The Moonlit Road - Southern Ghost and mystery stories.

Jack Tales - the primer on the Jack Tales Also includes Jack tales, incl. Ray Hicks and Donald Davis

Ferrum (College) Performers Keep Jack Tales Alive

Storytelling of the North Carolina Native Americans Site includes information about Cherokee, Lumbee and Occaneechi storytelling as well as interviews and video.

Ray Hicks Folk Heritage Award

David Joe Miller
Internationally known and touring storyteller/writing consultant spends 22-25 weeks in NC schools helping young writers become better young writers using storytelling as the catalyst. Former staff storyteller for the National Storytelling Association in Jonesborough, TN.

Dianne Hackworth
NC Storyteller and story advocate. Diane's website is a great resource.

Donald Davis - Fabulous NC Storyteller

Gary Carden - Mountain story-teller. Site includes stories.

Elizabeth Rose - SE Tennessee story-teller, includes RealAudio story's

Smoky Mountain Storytellers

David Holt - promo website - has links for books and recordings etc.

On-line Stories Other Story Resources

Ray Hicks Story in Real Audio - "Wicked John", from Radio Yur

Joel Chandler Harris - Uncle Remus

Chuck Larkin - Bluegrass Storyteller & Appalachian Humorist from Atlanta, GA.passed away in 2003, but his website has lots of his written stories.

American Folklore - Famous American folktales and legends.

NCNatural Selections Storytelling Books and books of Stories.

National Storytelling Festival-Jonesboro, TN Website

Jonesboroughs own Storytelling Store located on Main Street in the town where the storytelling revival started. This online store features books, tapes, CDs, videos and gifts. Secure server and shopping cart services.

Jonesborough Storytellers Guild

East Tennesee State Masters Degree in Storytelling Program

Tim Sheppards Storytelling Resources for Storytellers

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