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About NCNatural

We're often asked, "What's up with you guys?"

The fact is, we're just a couple of folks with a home page that ran amok. And, we love living in North Carolina. We started NCNatural back about 1995 when the idealists among us believed that information wanted to be free. We still believe that, so we try to provide some of the best content for North Carolina nature that we're able to and try to cover our costs with a few book sales and some advertising revenues. The fact is we lose money on every sale, but we make it up in volume.

NCNatural is a side-line and not our full-time jobs, so we don't always update everything as often as you might like us to. We occasionally get tired of it and don't do anything for months at a time. We don't particularly care if we have misspelled words or bad grammer. For the most part, we enjoy it and the people who take the time to get in touch with us.

A few of our other frequently asked questions:

Can I use such and such picture for my website/kid's project/wallpaper/magazine/etc.?

The answer is... maybe. All of our images are © NCNatural/Tim Treadwell unless otherwise noted. We're actually pretty good about loaning out our extensive catalog of pics for non-commercial purposes, but we do like to be asked before you steal them. If you are intent on stealing them, please copy them and place them on your own website rather than linking the images from ours. It is a tremendous drain on our bandwidth. We also appreciate a small mention that you borrowed/stole them from, with a return link. We really prefer that you ask us if you can borrow the pictures, so we don't get pissed off when we happen upon our pictures on your website.

If you would like to use a photo for commercial purposes, we sell images for a reasonable fee and will scan to your specs. We have a large collection of North Carolina imagery as well as Wildflowers available besides what is on the website, so if you can't find exactly what you are looking for, ask and we may be able to provide it. Please direct all questions concerning the use of images to Tim Treadwell - "[email protected]".

Could you make a link to my website?

The answer is... maybe. If your website doesn't have something to do with North Carolina though, your odds are significantly worse. They're also not all that good if your site is strictly commercial (we call that "advertising" and we try to get paid for it). If, however, you have content on your personal, non-profit or marginally profitable webpage that has to do with North Carolina and would like to have a link, you stand a decent chance. Send your request to "[email protected]". Please include in your request what you would like the link to say, and where you think it might logically fit in on our site.

Can I make a link to your website?

By all means, make as many links as you want.

Can I advertise on your site?

Probably. Please contact "[email protected]" for more information about rates.



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