Wild Flowers and Plants of NC

Large Bellwort
Uvularia grandiflora

Uvularia grandiflora

Blooms April to May

There are several similar species of Bellwort that range across most of North Carolina. This particular one, Uvularia grandifolia is found only in the mountains and is usually confined to calcareous or limestone soils, although it is relatively common. Another species, U. perfoliata, is similar in appearance, but grows in colonies of plants, and is found throughout the mountains and piedmont. Both U. grandifolia and U. perfoliata have flower stems that appear to pass through the leaf.

American Indians historically used Uvularia grandifolia topically, as a root tea wash or as a poultice from the upper plant, for rheumatic pains and sore muscles.

Range of Large Bellwort
NC range of Uvularia grandiflora