NCNatural's Spring Wildflowers

Wake RobinTrilliums There are about seven distinct species of trillium in the southern Appalachians, several called by the common name of "wake robin". The trilliums are some of the prettiest (personal opinion), most obvious and abundant of the spring wildflowers on the forest floor. It is fairly common, while driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway, to see large numbers of them growing along streambeds going up into coves. All are distinguished by having three leaves radiating from the top of a 6" to 12" stalk with a usually three petaled flower with three smaller leaves attached with the petals. The colors are somewhat variable and often change with age. Nodding trilliums are usually white. Painted trilliums are white with red rays coming out of the center of the flower. Catesby's and Large flowered trilliums are often white becoming pink as the flowers age. Wake robins are pale yellow or deep maroon and I have seen both colors together seemingly growing from the same plant. The toad shade trilliums also are pale yellow or maroon.

Some of the trilliums we have in the sothern Appalachians...

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